HK-PL Love Story: Sing & Paulina

Married in 2012

Currently residing in Hong Kong

Their HK-PL love story as told by Paulina:

Where & How did you meet?

We met in a pretty awkward way – we were travelling in Poland to the same destination, and a ticket check was the reason we actually spoke to each other.

We were in the same train compartment, but didn’t really pay much attention to each other (I thought he was cute, though) until the ticket control, as at that time the use of English at Polish Railways wasn’t that common so I helped Sing and his friend with the whole check.

After I saved the day we started to talk for the rest of the train trip. I showed both of them the city, introduced them to some must-try foods etc. We exchanged e-mails and phone numbers, kept in touch as friends, and as time went by we became closer, especially after some family emergency I had. Sing was already back in the US where he studied, but he would stay up very late just to make sure I’m already up, and everything is OK. And somehow, we ended up as a long distance relationship!

Where did you get married? Tell us more about your wedding.

We got married in Hong Kong back in 2012. I remember it so well as Typhoon Vicente hit Hong Kong only few days after, and my original marriage license got all soaked by the leak from air conditioner.

Our wedding was not a usual one for Hong Kong.

We actually had no idea what kind of wedding we wanted, as we don’t know that many people to host a banquet, but Sing’s friend suggested that for our tiny venue we can actually rent a Hong Kong tram. I was bit disappointed the red antique tram got booked already, but we settled on the antique green one. I gave up white wedding dress for a short cheongsam, as it would be more convenient to go up and down the tram.

After signing the documents in Tsim Sha Tsui Marriage Registry we took a ferry to Hong Kong Island, and then hopped to a taxi that got us to the tram terminus. The food and drinks were loaded onto the tram, and we started our mini-party around the Island. I still remember one of Sing’s friend talked to a person in a regular tram in front of ours, gave him some beer and said ‘My friend got married, cheers!’.

Many things went wrong that day, cake got messed up, we had to switch the time of signing the papers, plastic silverware, we don’t have a single nice picture together etc., but I can proudly say we had a very special wedding.

What are your favorite moment(s) or event(s) during your love journey?

To me, it would be the time we spent with our families. Family is very important to me, so every time we could all bond made me happy. My dad fell in love with Sing the moment they met, and I just love having all our family around.

Another ones would be working together to achieve different goals throughout the relationship: getting married, ending up a long distance relationship, moving from the US to Ireland and then to Hong Kong. These moments were tough, but only strengthened us up as a couple.

What are your plans/aspirations for the future?

I think at the moment we both are pretty happy with where we are in life – in terms of career, settling down in one place, etc. Our main focus for now is to have a child, would be delighted if it happened, but we’re not putting any pressure on it.

What advice does each of you have for HK-PL love couples?


Patience is needed to overcome the communication and culture barriers.

Don’t put pressure on your partner because you both need time and further understanding as the point of view could be different, especially when culture background and education type are not the same.

Respect personal boundaries and privacy.

Be family oriented because Polish are also family oriented.


Be open-minded to the opposite side, do not judge everything by your culture only.
Don’t give up easily. Bad things happen quite often. It is about how you react to them, rather than the bad thing itself.
Family is important, but as a marriage you make a new family unit. It is important to be close to your parents, it’s great to hear their advice, but they shouldn’t be navigating your new family’s life.

Published by KochamPolskeHK 情牽波蘭

“情牽波蘭 Kocham Polske HK” is a private Hong Kong company established in 2018 with a mission to promote Polish heritage & culture. We operate a cultural space & gallery in Wanchai under the Honorary Patronage of Consulate General of Poland in Hong Kong.

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